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Help drive the Winter Cold away!!!

Today we celebrate Yule at Gaia Community. I'm psyched. Voices of Gaia is singing. We have three songs -- "Red & Green," "Deep, deep, deep" and a new carol I wrote called "The Holly King and the Oak King." Come practice with Voices of Gaia at 2pm today (Sunday) at SMUUCH and sing in the Yule ritual. Help drive the Winter cold away!

Voices of Gaia today

There will be Voices of Gaia rehearsal today at 2 pm at SMUUCH. I am working on a new SAB tune and arrangement of the Holly King and Oak King song we sang last week. Please come and rehearse with us so we can sing it at Yule on Dec. 21. See you there!

Good response at the anime club

When students who like anime see my Japanime+ tour slide show they get so excited. It is very gratifying. I showed it at the Blue Valley Northwest HS anime club this afternoon. Ran it from a link from the website which worked great! They just need to decide to enroll and then, enroll. If everyone waits to enroll until other people enroll we'll never get to go.

I did put an ad on Facebook. I first targeted just the Kansas City area for people aged 13-23 who had an interest in anime, manga, travel, Japan or Japanese. That group was about 3,700 people. Tonight I expanded the target area to include all of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. That gives me 15,000 targets. I pay only for clicks to my Japanime Tour website www.japanimetour.com with a limit of $15 a day until 9/29/08. Today I had 6 clicks. That cost me $1.50. We'll see with the larger targeting area how many more clicks I get. Clicks to the website don't mean anyone has enrolled from it, but they are looking so that's good.

I'd love to give my presentation at other Kansas City area high school anime clubs. Anyone have any contacts?

My week

I haven't posted much (except for those two memes). Like others I've been very busy. My primary focus is recruiting students to go with us on the Japanime+ Tour to Japan next June. This weekend I get to speak about it and table at the Japan Festival at Johnson County Community College. I am very hopeful that I can find 17 more students to enroll. That will mean we're definitely going on our customized private anime/ninja focused fabulous tour of Japan at the price set. There are five students I've talked to who seem very interested. It would be so helpful if they'd actually enroll. The tour price goes up Sept. 30 so I'm doing a little pushing to get people to enroll before that. I've also been considering advertising on Facebook, but I'm not sure about it. Has anyone ever done it? I'd advertise to Kansas City area high school students, particularly those with an interest in anime and/or Japan.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, they will show the tour slide show I've put together at the BVNW HS anime club meeting and I'll be there to speak about it and answer questions. I told my tour consultant at EF Tours about the slide show and he watched it on the tour website (www.japanimetour.com) my wonderful husband put together. He asked if he could share it with his group. Said they watched it and were very impressed and everyone wanted to go on the tour. I'm just hopeful it has that impact at the anime club. I won't be able to show the whole slide show at the lectures I'm speaking at at Japan Fest, but I will have my laptop there and can show it where I'm tabling.

Thursday is planning meeting for Gaia Community's Samhain ritual and daughter needs to prepare for a test in Algebra.

Friday is Parent-Teacher conferences at school. I need to be getting ready for that, plus I and my fellow teachers are supposed to figure out what we want to do with our school's spring trip this year since we don't think we can afford a two day overnight trip using a motorcoach for travel.

Saturday is Japan Fest and Saturday night is the Homecoming Dance at BVNW HS. Daughter is going and has invited her boyfriend from north of the river. He will be with us most of the day. I've also agreed to get one of daughter's girlfriends from Japan Fest to Homecoming. Meanwhile husband is doing audio for the KANU Right Between the Ears show at Crown Center.

Sunday I'd like to say I'm resting, but I doubt that will actually be possible.

Got to go.


Japan tour information meeting today!

If you know anyone (high school, college age or adult) who might want to go to Japan, please pass this info on to them.

Just wanted you to know I'm holding an information meeting about the Japanime+ 2009 tour today (Saturday, Sept. 20) at 2 pm at the North Kansas City Public Library, 2251 Howell Street, North Kansas City, MO. I'll also be speaking about it at Japan Fest on Sept. 27 at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park. The tour website has been updated so you can see the complete itinerary of the tour as well as a video slide show of all the places we'll be visiting. That's www.japanimetour.com


Japan contacts! Yeah!

On Tuesday evening, I did get to the Japan America Society meeting at Loose Park. I had the intent of networking with whoever might be able to help me find students for the Japan trip next year. I was a little shy at first, but once I started talking to one person, they said, "oh, you must talk to so-and-so, etc., etc." So by the end of the evening, I had 1) met in person the woman who will be teaching Mari and I Japanese this fall who took extra trip brochures to give to the people at the KC Art Institute because they have a sister city program with a city in Japan but need students who can speak Japanese and would be interested in sending students on my trip (I think this is what I understood); 2) got names of various teachers at various high schools, including Barstow, to contact regarding the trip and 3) talked to the director of the Japan Fest (Sept. 27 at JCCC) who wants me to be one of the panelists on their session about traveling to Japan and talk about my trip. Score! What might be best was that everyone I talked with was very excited about my trip and no one complained about the cost. It was a great morale booster.

Much thanks to Gaia Community's Sumerian Solstice ritual for helpful impetus for my quest.
For pdf. file of the complete trip brochure, go to www.japanimetour.com



Found on several of my f-lists' journals:

* Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.
* See if anybody else responds with "I've done that."
* Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.

Started a church (Gaia Community)
Sang at my father's funeral when I was 17
Had a news report I did about Hoagy Carmichael's funeral air on ABC radio national newsfeed


FREE! Simple Plan tickets

OK.  I've had no takers for buying Mari's Simple Plan tickets for Wednesday evening, May 14th.  So I'll offer them for free.  Anyone want to go?  You must be 21.  It's at America's Pub in Westport.  I'll do my best to meet up with you and get you the tickets. 


Simple Plan tickets available

My daughter  won Simple Plan tickets through Mix 93 earlier this week.
The band is performing in an acoustic concert at America's Pub on Wednesday,
May 14th. Unfortunately for her, the pub is 21 and older only. She is
looking to sell her tickets. Mix 93 says it will be an intimate concert
with only a few hundred people. Daughter is hoping to get $40 for her two tickets,
but is willing to consider taking less. Tickets are general admission. I
don't know the exact start time of the concert, but it is supposed to be
fairly early so I'm assuming 7:30 pm or something like that. The only way
to get tickets is to win them or buy these.

If you are interested in the tickets, please reply!


Which Goddess lurks in your soul?

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?


You are a wise one, my dear! Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, disciplined war, philosophy and knowledge. She is a selective Goddess, as she only inhabits those of your high intelligence and keenness to learn great things. You’re usually not seen without a book in your hand or your eyes glued to the internet (which is, after all, the great information highway!). This should not suggest that you don’t enjoy people, as your cleverness and sharp wit are usually in full force when in a social situation, to everyone’s delight.

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