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shahera5's Journal

Wanderings in a Universe of Stars
17 March
I'm a mother of a teenager, wife of a computer wizard, teacher for 23 1st - 3rd year Elementary Montessori students. I'm the co-founder of Gaia Community, an earth-based Unitarian Universalist pagan congregation in Kansas City. Its creation is the accomplishment of which I'm most proud. In 1999 I completed my Rites of Passage year with the Diana's Grove Mystery School. It's one of my favorite places in the world. I'm supposed to be spending my time working on my Montessori certification but I find all sorts of things to do instead, such as being a member of a ritual team, leading Voices of Gaia (Gaia Community's choir), singing with Fine Arts Chorale under the direction of the fabulous Teri Teal, writing songs and chants, sewing costumes for my daughter, occasionally writing Naruto fan fiction or working on several different short stories and one novel. For part of each of the past three summers I've led 5th-6th grade People to People International Student Ambassador delegations -- to Western Canada, England & France, Australia and summer 2008 to Hawaii. My favorite subject to teach is Geography.